Bread Abroad: Farmer’s Market Finds in Seoul and Egg Salad in Tokyo

Back after a hiatus on the blog here after having spent some time between jobs overseas. Something I thought might be fun in my adventures abroad is seeking out unique bread finds from the various cities and countries that I visit! Not that I get away once a month (one can dream), but when I do I’ll try to sneak in a unique find from the trip.

I was lucky to get an opportunity to spend some time in both Seoul, South Korea and Tokyo, Japan in recent weeks with many food adventures to be had. Given the variety of amazing foods to eat it was honestly difficult to find time to focus on bread (ramen! fried chicken! barbecue!), but as I toured the cities there were fortunately no lack of opportunities to do so.

In Seoul, while venturing towards Gyeongbokgung Palace, I came across a local farmer’s/flea market with many interesting knick knacks and a variety of foods…tons of kimchi. I was both a little shocked and excited to come across a stand featuring this beauty below, excitedly trying to determine how much it would cost through the inevitable language barrier (hello in Korean can only get you so far) A cute little batard with both a chewy crust and a light, airy crumb. Awesome find!

Pardon the thumb!

My time in Tokyo was mostly spent exploring the various ramen joints and izakayas, but on the advice of both David Chang and Anthony Bourdain I made sure to sample at the very least an egg salad sandwich from Lawson’s (a convenience store chain) and 7-Eleven. I have to admit, I was somewhat skeptical of having my mind blown by an egg salad sandwich given that I’m not much of a fan in general, but it was surprisingly good! The bread was incredibly light and fluffy. They even cut the crusts off for you, if you were one of those growing up.

I was quite sad to leave as the food and drink in both countries was amazing, but I will most definitely be back at some point in the future. Looking forward to more beauties like the green tea eclair below upon my return!

Green tea eclair… the things dreams are made of.

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