Successes AND Failures

This past weekend I figured that I would try something different following a craving for a good grilled cheese sandwich. I’ve been making bread for a while, but I typically stick to the fancy boule-style bread which isn’t ideally suited to a simple sandwich. I decided it should be simple enough to make a sourdough pan bread and did some digging around to find a suitable recipe.

I settled on this recipe from Mr. Trevor J. Wilson which included a handy video demonstration of a shaping technique that I’ve never used before. The nice thing about the recipe, and this style of bread, is minimal active time – requiring no folds throughout bulk fermentation. After having spent a significant portion of my Saturday morning and afternoons in past efforts, it was a welcome change with the more ‘set it and forget it’ process for this recipe.

Topshot: Tetris piece #4.

Going into the bake, my only real concern was for the shaping technique as it was generally straightforward otherwise. As you can see, something went wrong through the process as this loaf ended up looking more like a blobfish than a sourdough pan bread. I believe that the somewhat awkward final loaf was due to poor shaping technique (sounds familiar) with weak surface tension as a result of a poor shape. However, despite the less than pleasing look , I was surprised to find that the loaf was not hollow inside. I think it looks rather like an elephant animal cracker.

I will definitely attempt this bread again for weekend sandwiches as the subtle sourness of smell and flavour were welcome, but I need to work on shaping for the next round. I said when I started this blog that I would catalog both my successes and failures. I’ll throw this one in the failure column, but it didn’t hurt to have a delicious grilled cheese sandwich in which to drown my sorrows.


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